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Fragments of Memories (Part 1)

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

If asked whether I believed in nature or nurture, I’d be inclined to say both. Nature determines how far you can go and how fast. Just as importantly, however, nurture determines in which direction.

I say this because we are the sum of our parts. We are the sum of our choices and experiences. Not all of these fragments that make up our being is the result of our own decisions. I did not decide to be a preterm birth or an insomniac, and I do not believe in karma (I do believe in caustic determinism, implying cause and effect, but this is a very different monster from karma) as to suggest that I’ve done something in my past life to deserve a frail constitution since birth (and it pisses me off that my mother does). Ultimately, however, they make up who I am. No account of what happens in anyone’s life can ever be complete without the chronicling of the earliest influences that ultimately decided the foundations of who we were.

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15 Top Moments of the Mass Effect Trilogy

March 14, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s actually already been a while since I’ve finished Mass Effect 3 (I’m pretty sure I did so between the first three days, and am now on my second playthrough to experience the missions with different combinations of characters). Deciding not to jump on the wagon of bashing the game’s ending like everyone else, however, I’ve decided instead to compile a (relatively) short list of moments of the Mass Effect trilogy that really resonated with me, tugged at my heartstrings, or made my jaw hit the floor with the force of a cookie.

Please note that these will roughly be listed in chronological order, save missions that are non-linear in nature. For example, in the first game, the missions on Feros and Noveria can be interchanged, but they’ll definitely come before Ilos. Also note that, because I’ve had a few years to digest Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, there will obviously be more moments from Mass Effect 3, as the feelings are a lot more fresh.

And, of course, anything below are spoilers.

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