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Fragments of Memories (Part 2)

May 7, 2012 Leave a comment

In hindsight, living with my family as a child is probably a bad idea.

It had occurred to me out of nowhere one day (well, no, not out of nowhere, but it was a thought that extended from a conversation I had) that I cannot recall an instance where my parents ever tried to comfort me. Not “coddle”; there’s a difference, and my parents did neither. It’s difficult to spoil children when you’re willing to inflict corporal punishment on them with a cane (and then threaten them into silence by telling them stories about how U.S. social services in cosmopolitan America would take them away from their parents if they ever got a hint that there was corporal punishment going on). My experiences strongly factor into my view on corporal punishment – a view that many would say is biased and saturated with anger and bitterness, something I might agree with if I didn’t just happen to have plenty of professional psychological reports standing on my side – but this is not what this entry is about. It’s not about coddling or corporal punishment. Read more…

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