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Anime, Manga, JRPGs, and High Schoolers

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

While I’m not anything close to an otaku, and my knowledge of anime and manga is often overshadowed by fans from the West, I nevertheless follow quite a bit of anime and manga. That, and the fact that I’m part-Japanese (although actually fairly marginal), means I often get a lot of questions regarding the silly hijinks that is the Japanese culture (by which I admit I’m hardly an expert, being very detached from my Asiatic side).

One of the most common questions I get, of course, come from those who know I watch anime, read manga, and play JRPGs: Why are so many of the protagonists high schoolers? Why do female characters constantly resemble twelve-year-old girls? (And are the Japanese pedophiles?) On a whim, I’ve decided I’m going to explain the answer here. I’m not apologizing for or defending anyone; this is simply my explanation of why things are so.

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