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Shepard and the Geth VI in Mass Effect 3 (And Why Shpard Was Maybe Kind of a Jerk)

Spoiler alert from chatlogs.

It just sort of occurred to me that – despite being an entirely different consciousness, with a different quantum bluebox, and a fundamentally different set of memory data since Eden Prime (when Legion was first deployed to seek out Shepard) – Shepard still utterly insists on attributing someone else’s name on the VI, despite the VI insisting repeatedly that “we are not Legion”.


S/He is assigning a name to a potentially sapient entity using human-centric values, despite insistence from said entity that they are not Legion.
Which, in hindsight, is kind of “meh”-ish.

It makes Shepard look kind of desperate due this entity to be their dead friend

For this

I suppose. Or it makes him/her look kind of like a jerk. XD

To the point that they kind of ignore Legion VIs wishes.

Especially given Legion’s spiel on anthropomorphization in ME2.
Well, it’s likely that the geth VI doesn’t even care. But. =P

There is that one part, though. The last conversation that you have with Legion VI before the big decision


“[…] you were my friend.”
*nod* “And then we died.”

But, put this into context with the anxiety Shepard expresses when you storm the Cerberus base at the end

Heh, fair enough.

Where she is reflecting on whether or not she really is Shepard.
You could enterpret her as needing this person to be Legion on some level, because it’s my about them, it’s about her
Not about

/me nods.

 gazetteerwastaken _ 1:21 am
I wish Liara didn’t just offer up “don’t worry ur totes Shepard.”
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