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The Most Unexpectedly Advanced Technology in Hokkaido

September 12, 2014 Leave a comment

I’ve just returned from my trip to Hokkaido, Japan, and I must remark that I had a great time. The scenery was beautiful (I have a new wallpaper for my cell phone), the food was terrific (I’m going to need to burn off a lot of calories), and the overall experience was great. This being said, I still regret a little incident in a shopping mall over the JR station in Sapporo: Two cute high school girls in front of us got onto an escalator and instantly realized they were traveling in the wrong direction. So, giggling, they held hands, scrambled back up the escalator, and skipped off.

And the only thing I could think of was: WHY DID I NOT HAVE MY CAMERA READY


I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting very much technology-wise when I came to Hokkaido. This is by no means a put-down towards Hokkaido – again, I maintain this is a great part of Japan – but it’s just that when you are surrounded by kilometers and kilometers of farmland and mountains, and when there are several segments along the highway where you can’t get a mobile signal, then one also must acknowledge that one is in a very rural place that can be jokingly described as “in the middle of nowhere”. Still, Hokkaido was rather well developed, and I took a bit of effort to look for the latest in Japanese gizmo wizardry. And nowhere did I find a piece of technology so surprisingly advanced than in the corner of the restroom of my lodgings in Niseko.

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