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An Introduction

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Well, let’s try and get a bit of this out of the way.

I’m a currently twenty-two-year-old globe-trotting, stupidly-dreamy, academically-eager, and criminally-lazy writer-in-training having graduated in hospitality management, tourism, and geopolitics. Or, to put it in more concise terms, I’m a fairly worldly nerd.

I am currently working as a government slave for a certain county government that shall remain unnamed for the sake of my own personal safety and security. When I am not engaged in translation work or running errands, I am writing fan fiction and/or original fiction, ranting about society and politics, roleplaying, chatting, gaming, and otherwise pursuing largely sedentary activities that require as little sweat and sunlight as possible. I’m rather fond of white chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I am also agnostic and politically moderate; for the academically-troubled Americans easily influenced by propaganda who were just tripped up by those words, it means I’m “a godless Communist, but not as bad as those godless Communists”. Oh, and I love kittens and yuri.

This blog will largely serve as a scrapbook of sorts, sharing my thoughts, rants, muses, and just about anything under the sun that I 1) am comfortable sharing with a public audience, and 2) can actually remember to put here.